Sergio Díaz De Rojas (b. 1994) is a Peruvian pianist and composer currently based in Valencia, Spain. 

In 2015, he released his debut album, Unsaid Words. It included the first eight pieces he ever composed (six for piano, and two for piano and violoncello), spoken word, soundscapes, and was accompanied by eight illustrations and four music videos. Between 2016 and 2018, Sergio released two EPs: December 03 and The morning is a river. The last one was a multidisciplinary project in collaboration with German visual artist Seraphina Theresa, released with a sold-out cassette edition, consisting of four pieces accompanied by filmed reflections of slow-moving images, a photo series, and a poem. During that time, he also collaborated with Turkish experimental video artist Müge Yıldız in two projects: Can i read life as a book? and Life is flux.

Between 2018 and 2019, he was invited to be part of various compilations by record labels such as Sonder House in New York, Memoir Music (sub-label of Chillhop Music) in Rotterdam, and 7K! in Berlin. These invitations were a good opportunity to release pieces that, otherwise, would have never been shared with the world: Solitude, Fryderyk, Valencia, Waltz, and Rhine. In April 2019, Sergio traveled to Germany to perform in Potsdam, Düsseldorf, and Frankfurt, with his appearance at the third edition of Q3Ambientfest being the highlight of his debut tour —a very special one since it was also my first time ever performing in Europe and in a festival.

February 2020 saw the release of Prelude, the first of a series of stand-alone singles that will be released during the year — including a limited edition 7-inch vinyl— featuring artwork by multidisciplinary designer Ryan Carl, while March marked the release of Mundo Flotante, a piano piece composed for Project XII, a new initiative by renowed record label Deutsche Grammophon.