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Directed by Cayetano González
Fashion Short Film
Spain, 2021

After several years working as a high fashion model, Adel begins to question her surroundings and sense the absurdity of her situation. To ease her mind, she uses her imagination to justify the farcical requests she is faced with.

Sheet Music

Designed by Sergio Díaz De Rojas
Sheet Music
Germany, 2023

Thoughtfully crafted sheet music, written and designed by Sergio, and available for download on his online shop. Popular pieces like Waltz, Dreams, Mundo Flotante, and many more. 


Directed by Ana Monteiro
Documentary Short Film
Poland, 2020

Sonder is a social experiment in the form of a short film aiming to portray fragments of the routine of different young people co-existing in the same city: Warsaw. From dawn until dusk, we see glimpses of very different paths that life can take. We search, and sometimes find, diversity and charm that a city can hide below and above its surface.


Directed by Lumi Tuomi
Short Film
Netherlands, 2021

What is it like growing up as a bald woman? Gaze is a portrait of a young woman’s intimate manifesto for accepting alopecia and herself. Throughout her life, alopecia has directed people’s observing gazes and assumptions towards Aino’s bald head. Alopecia has restricted her life in many ways, but in the best case, opened her world to the strength in baldness.Surrounded by the sea and the nightly visitors of the public beach in Helsinki, Aino recites her story of growing up with alopecia through her written poetry and opens up about the way people gaze at bald women.