Project XII—
Mundo Flotante

Mundo Flotante is Sergio Díaz De Rojas’ contribution to Project XII, a 12-track, multi-artist collection that soundtracks the changes of the seasons as well as those of life, and that showcases new works by today’s innovative and creative musicians, curated and released by Deutsche Grammophon. 

This composition is inspired by the Japanese art genre ukiyo-e, which stands for Images of the Floating World and reflects the attitude towards life and the worldview of citizens in cities like Tokyo during the Edo period. "For me, this piece feels like an early morning walk in spring," said Díaz De Rojas. He feels the gentle warmth of the sun and the fresh air on his face, accompanied by the movements of the trees in the wind and the birds singing softly in the background.

Music written and performed by Sergio Díaz De Rojas.
Recorded and mixed by Nil Ciuró in Barcelona.
Mastered by Götz-Michael Rieth.
Artwork and vinyl layout by Jonathan Niclaus.
Released by Deutsche Grammophon (Berlin, Germany).

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