The Moon Song

Restless and pensive, looking out from a balcony at an unlit street enveloped in complete silence, Sergio found himself drowning in the hollow night, and in an attempt to combat the loneliness, started composing. As is custom for Sergio’s pieces, The Moon Song has an instant sense of nostalgic tenderness — it is a song about sleepless nights, glasses of wine, and unread books next to an unmade bed. Written during that part of the night in which everyone else is sleeping, the piece is an intimate affair; a gentle and at times heavy left hand is contrasted by a trickling, tethering right, playing with altering intensity but immaculate emotion. There’s a tense determination lingering beneath every note, an unanswered question floating in the air, only to be left hanging, as the piece drifts into the comfort of the decision to simply give up for now, and try again tomorrow.

Music written and performed by Sergio Díaz De Rojas.
Recorded by Tom Blankenberg at Juliane’s home in Düsseldorf.
Mixed by Jakob Lindhagen.
Artwork by Inès Panizzi.
Published by Sonder House (New York, USA).

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