ALBUM, 2015

In a hurricane of emotion and musical intrigue, Sergio Díaz De Rojas’ debut album has the ability to truly open your eyes to the possibilities of art, mixing hopeful poetry with both vivid and, at times, intricately minimalistic compositions —it seems a narration of his world, an outstretched hand welcoming you to follow him, and to simply listen.

While being Sergio’s first project, Unsaid Words is no mere album —it works more as a platform, inviting and inspiring other forms of art to collaborate. He uses poetry written by Falon Blanchard as gateways into different parts of the album, a glorious way to put into words what his pieces convey, and a careful break in the flow of his music. Delightful illustrations by Flora Cecilia Elsa Liedgren add yet another dimension to Sergio’s album, laying down just another piece of the grand puzzle that Unsaid Words truly is.

Throughout the album, Sergio’s love of the arts shines through so clearly, it’s blinding. The utterly captivating piano, supported by the heartbreakingly beautiful song of the violoncello, paired with the everyday noises of (what one can assume is) Sergio’s life, adds up to an undeniably compelling album. Ending with two strong, romantically dramatic pieces, Unsaid Words leaves nothing unsaid.